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How It Works

FuelCOG helps you get the best value when filling your car with fuel. FuelCOG will list what fuel blends it thinks are available at your location and all you have to do is confirm what you read from the pump such as price, octane and ethanol content. FuelCOG then estimates which fuel grade will allow you to drive the longest distance for the least amount of money.


If you’re curious enough to want to know more, here’s some geek-speak. It takes a certain amount of energy to move a car from point A to B. It doesn’t matter what grade of fuel you put into your car, that amount of energy does not change. Different blends of fuel and ethanol create varying amounts of energy in each gallon (or liter) of fuel. The more ethanol in the blend, the less energy each gallon (liter) has, and the more fuel is required to provide the energy needed to move from point A to B. Since we know how much energy is in pure gasoline and we know how much energy is in pure ethanol (or a good average for them at least), we can then predict the loss in fuel efficiency if we know how much of each is in a blend. FuelCOG takes that knowledge, adds the seemingly random distribution of prices at the pump, sprinkles in a little math, and gives you a recommended purchase to get the best bang for your money. When we tell you how much you’ve saved, we’re simply telling you how much you would’ve had to spend to get the same amount of energy in a different grade, on the same fill.

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